Hoarding and Spending at Art Basel Miami Beach
After Safariland, if you need to convince yourself that the art world isn't entirely in money's thrall, you'd want to be anywhere but here.
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Soul Basel unwrapped
Copper Door Bed & Breakfast featured Purvis Young. Each evening hosted several opportunities to enjoy music and entertainment along the corridor.
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Album Review: Art Brut comes back good
On their 2005 debut, Bang Bang Rock & Roll, art punkers Art Brut managed to stand out from the endless horde of “garage rock” bands that were ...
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At Design Miami 2018, fashion and contemporary art club together - with wild results
Since it started back in 2002, Art Basel Miami Beach has left plenty of unexpected pop-up pleasures in its wake which this year included everything ...
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Art Basel Diaries
This year during Art Basel Miami Beach, Surface partnered with Lyft to document the experiences of three influential people from the art world.
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Satellite Art Show Miami 2018: The Good, The Weird & The Provocative
Satellite Art Show moved from a hotel to a parking lot this year at Art Basel Miami Beach and the result was nothing short of astonishing. Every curator ...
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The Sampler: Mith by Lonnie Holley
Hailed as a so-called outsider artist, by the early 80s his work could be found in the Birmingham Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Institute, and he ...
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Our 10 Favorite Artworks From Art Basel Miami Beach 2018
The actual art fair, Art Basel Miami Beach, has been going since 2002. It takes place at the Miami Beach Convention Center and is the nexus where ...
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Cracks in the glittering facade
"IT'S BETTER to look good than to feel good" seemed to be the internal mantra throughout much of the week's Art Basel Miami Beach fair, which ...
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Art Basel Miami Beach: Cracks in the Glittering Facade
MIAMI — “It's better to look good than to feel good” seemed to be the internal mantra throughout much of the week's Art Basel Miami Beach fair, which ...
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Art Basel Miami Beach 2018: All the Gossip You May Have Missed
Art Basel Miami Beach 2018: All the Gossip You May Have Missed. facebook dialog ... See, some people really do come to Art Basel for the art.
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The 10 Best Art Shows of 2018
Outsider Art Fair and Fountain House Gallery continuing great work breaking down the walls between insider art and so-called “outsider art.”.
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Annette Gero uses quilts to patch together successful second career
... other war quilts, a passion that culminated in a recent blockbuster exhibition, War and Pieced, at New York's respected American Folk Art Museum.
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Our 10 Favorite Texas Books of 2018
The visually stunning Outsider Art in Texas celebrates some of the state's many little-known talents, such as Charles Dellschau, a reclusive ...
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Your Derivative Artwork May Be Fantastic, But Is It Transformative?
Andy Warhol pioneered it, and many others since him have done it also, although few have been celebrated as much, or sued for it as often, as Warhol ...
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New ways of seeing Andy Warhol
It is often repeated that to see one Warhol is to see them all. And, in turning reproducibility into an art form, isn't that half Warhol's point? Yet at the ...
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More than 100 Works of Folk Art Gifted to Mississippi Museum of Art by Artists Claudia DeMonte ...
Artists Claudia DeMonte and Ed McGowin donated more than 100 works by self-taught artists to the Mississippi Museum of Art. They were ...
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Banksy exhibit shines spotlight on elusive artist amid Art Basel events
Now that it's Basel time in Miami, the whole art world is turning its collective gaze to South Florida. One of the must-see exhibits this year is “The Art of ...
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Frieze Names Rebecca Ann Siegel Publisher
Just as Art Basel Miami Beach gets into gear in Florida, there's some big art-media news: Frieze has named as its publisher Rebecca Ann Siegel, the ...
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Solefly Officially Introduces Their SoleFly x Air Jordan 1 Miami Art Basel Collection
We've known about them for a couple weeks now, but Solefly finally gives us an official introduction to their SoleFly x Air Jordan 1 Miami Art Basel ...
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